Company Name Monitoring Service


  • Available in many key countries as well as many U.S. states
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring of newly formed companies in the most active and influential company and corporate registers worldwide
  • Monitors company registers in various jurisdictions for suspicious company formation activities
  • Protects your trademark if another company registers it as part of their company name or tries to take your company name as their own

$990.00 /year

What's included?

  • 24/7 monitoring of company registers in many influential and key countries around the world
  • Monitoring of the use of your brand or trademarked name in the names of newly formed companies
  • Full and critical information included in each watch notice including: company owner information, registration dates, and more.
  • Robust Brand Manager Console you can use to store, organize, and notate all of your watch notices.
  • Peace of mind knowing we’re watching your mark around the world for you!
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